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What strategic data do you already have?
What do you need help with?
Data cleaning / integration or Infrastructure provisioning
More insight into demographics and political values of people who are not yet part of your movement.
More holistic messaging / analytics strategy
Better monitoring of impact of your messaging efforts.
Better utilization of volunteer energies.
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Enhanced digital strategy
for political campaigns
using AI
Target political preferences and demographics
Harness emergent social movements
Activate and empower your volunteers
My data-centric campaign needs to leverage the data assets we have.
Target and personalize
Increase engagement by tailoring your platform to the issues that move specific audiences, based on their political preferences, demographics, and current level of engagement, inferred using AI. Focus your resources at the margin of your community where voters can be flipped.
Harness social movements
Discover and engage emerging social movements by listening to the Internet using AI.
Activate and empower volunteers
Equip your volunteers with tactical audience information and messaging tools to mobilize them online and offline. Activate new volunteers by focusing on existing followers who are most ready to engage more deeply.
My campaign needs help becomming data-centric.
Digital strategy evaluation
We assess your campaign and provide actionable recommendations to become data-centric, with respect to 5 key competencies:
  • Data gathering
  • Integrity & integration
  • Infrastructure
  • Data value
  • Data deployment
Digital strategy upgrading
We bring your digital strategy up to speed, along the 5 competencies, by training personel, provisioning infrastructure, and cleaning existing data assets.
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Edward Newell
Edward is a data scientist with expertise in analyzing social movement online, scraping massive amounts of data from the Internet, and analysis using natural language processing and machine learning. Recently he created an algorithm that assesses the verifiability of quotes in news articles. He has written about migration patterns online and how US residents’ opinions about real-world migration vary geographically.
Koustuv Sinha
Koustuv is a deep learning Jedi with a special focus on state of the art natural language understanding and generation. He architects our key AI assets and has extensive experience in production grade machine learning applications, including commercial web full stack systems.
Michel Ma
Michel has honed his skills on web and mobile development in many projects. He is a versatile software development powerhouse who has a knack for turning ideas into working code, no matter how wild they are. With a background in physics, he brings a fresh perspective to the development of AI techniques.